A cat picked up from the street became an “employee” of a veterinary clinic (13 photos + 1 video)

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14 December 2023

A little kitten named Rico was picked up on the street in terrible condition. A kind girl veterinarian decided to help him and put him on his paws. The kitten grew up, got better, and decided that his mission was also to help animals.

Rico's story began when a Moroccan veterinarian named Meriem Imrani spotted him on the street one morning. The unfortunate baby was trembling and looked bad, so the girl immediately decided to help him. Although the kitten had never known human care and love before, he really needed it. Meriem began to care for the kitten and restore its health.

A caring girl gave birth to a kitten, and soon it turned into a healthy, active and affectionate beauty. She originally planned to find a family for him when he recovered - but after everything they had been through together, Meryem couldn't let Rico go. She decided that this was fate and left him in her veterinary clinic so that she could spend all her time next to him. Rico himself took this very responsibly - and from the first day he literally became an “employee” of the clinic.

He joined his owner on her mission to help animals. Every time a dog or cat was brought into the clinic and was very worried, Rico immediately ran to calm them down. He got to know them and made it clear that they were safe - and there was nothing to be afraid of. At the same time, despite the stereotypes about the enmity of cats and dogs, Rico helps everyone, including dogs.

Recently a tiny ginger kitten was brought to the clinic in a sad state. Other doctors wanted to put him to sleep, but Meriem decided to save him no matter what. In the early stages of his treatment, Rico would come to him to comfort him, lick him, and soothe him. While the baby was receiving an IV, Rico was nearby and hugged him. The baby himself also fought for his life, and miraculously managed to survive.

Here is such a wonderful “employee” now in the veterinary clinic:

Rico calms the baby while he gets an IV:

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