Rules of life: Tim Roth (11 photos)

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12 December 2023

The actor, who became famous in the 90s, has amazing charisma and at the same time does not at all look like a stunning handsome man and a favorite of women. But Quentin Tarantino has a real nose for talented people, and if not for their co-creation, then perhaps no one would have known about Tim.

Timothy Simon Smith's (full name) parents were a journalist and an artist. After high school, Tim went to study at an art school (sculptor), but after a year he abandoned this idea and decided to become an actor. By the way, for a long time he had wild stage fright and could even lose consciousness before going on stage.

While Tim lived in England, his girlfriend was Laurie Baker. They had a son, Jack, in 1984, but after Roth decided to go to Hollywood, he left Laurie and Jack. But later he still took his son with him.

Still from the series "Made in Britain"

Roth's first role was not an episodic role, as is often the case with beginning actors, but the main one. He played the redneck skinhead Trevor in the television series Made in Britain. Moreover, he got to the audition completely by accident: Tim was in South London when his bicycle tire went flat and he decided to go to the theater where he worked part-time to get a pump. And at that moment there were auditions taking place. When Roth was asked if he could shave his head, he answered in the affirmative.

"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead." By the way, Gary Oldman and Tim Roth are very close friends

After the television series, there were several episodes in various films and TV series, and after Tarantino saw him in “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” and “Vincent and Theo,” he invited him to play in “Reservoir Dogs.” Tim's popularity immediately increased tenfold. Quentin has said more than once that Tim Roth is his favorite actor and invited him to work in The Hateful Eight, Pulp Fiction and Four Rooms.

"Four rooms"

People always remember villains better than heroes. That's why I always aspired to play villains.

"Vincent and Theo"

I noticed a strange thing: you can learn more from bad directors than from good ones.

"Pulp Fiction"

I'm an actor. And that's all I can do. So if I ever waste my talent, then that’s it – consider me screwed.

Inspiration needs to be found in what scares you.

One thing I know for sure: if you are asked to work overtime, fuck off.

Being a star is bad for your health.

The worst thing I can do is become predictable.

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