30 strange and funny retro photos that will tell you a lot about the past (31 photos)

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1 December 2023

History contains many mysteries and oddities. If you look at some things through the eyes of a modern person, they will seem strange and awkward - but then, perhaps, it was considered something brilliant. Such transformations are completely normal, because we are always moving forward and making progress. Let's take a look at some entertaining vintage footage that shows the past from different angles.

1. Man with a donkey, 1910s

2. Paparazzi photograph Bill Clinton's cat Sox, 1992

3. Track and field team from Abilene, USA, 1967. The higher the hairstyle, the closer the victory!

4. Family on a walk in Great Britain, 1930s. Safety? Did not hear

5. Picnic at an alligator farm in California, 1920s. The farm had 20 ponds for trained alligators where guests could safely interact with them

6. A diver after inspecting the interior of the sunken battleship Arizona. The day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

7. Gas station in the USSR, late 1970s - early 1980s

8. Shoe phone from 1965

9. English actress Jessie Matthews in a huge outfit, 1934

10. Halloween in the 80s

11. Irony of fate: a tire burst on a car that transports tires. Texas, USA, 1966

12. A retro car with a glass roof on the streets of Los Angeles. Such roofs for convertibles were produced by a company that manufactured military aircraft.

13. Flamingos wait out Hurricane Andrew in the Miami Zoo, 1992. This Category 5 hurricane was the third deadliest hurricane to reach the US coast in the 20th century.

14. A stunt car falls out of a parking lot during the filming of the movie "Hunter" with Steve McQueen. September 21, 1979, Chicago

15. Dancer with a stuffed bird in a cage, New York, 1952

16. Test for resistance to lightning strike with a discharge of 3 million volts. The passenger remained unharmed. Pittsburgh, USA, 1940

17. Actress Rosalind Russell on the set of Trouble with Angels, 1966

18. Chetak helicopters used by the Indian Air Force for flights in the 1970s

19. A creepy retro photo where the second girl is crossed out

20. Strange costumes at the Art Students League ball in New York, 1955

21. Three children on the way to school during severe dust storms, Oklahoma, USA, 1933

22. Device for teaching swimming skills, 1931

23. Meeting of Ce-Lect Baking Co., presenting a campaign for the production of bread with Mickey Mouse. 1936

24. An eerie vintage photo from the Victorian era. The girl's mother is hiding behind

25. Weird retro dress

26. Self-propelled rollers, which were produced in Detroit since 1956

27. Vending machine for fishing worms, USA, 1965

28. In 1949, inventor Igo Seeger from Vienna introduced a device for railway travelers to sleep on.

29. “Amphibious bicycle”, capable of moving on land and water. It was presented at an exhibition in Paris in 1932

30. Heads of dolls used during carnival in France

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