25 proofs that sometimes less is more (26 photos)

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1 December 2023

There is something fascinating about minimalism. In a world tending toward chaos, this kind of simplistic perspective can be a truly refreshing breath of air. To enjoy the philosophy of minimalism, we offer an excellent photo selection from the minimalism subreddit.

1. Minimalist business card

2. Hanging Christmas tree made of balls

3. Ladder

4. Snow on the water, photo by Siegfried Hansen

5. Furniture to save space

6. Minimalistic poster for the movie “Batman v Superman”

7. Jaws movie poster made of 202 solid lines, Bartosz Kosowski

8. Privacy

9. Sand Dune

10. Simpsons tattoo

11. New design of the Norwegian passport

12. Unofficial flag of the Arctic Ocean. He won the competition last August

13. LEGO Simpsons

14. Trilogy "Back to the Future". Timelines of each of the three films

15. The song "Let It Be" by The Beatles in the form of a sound wave

16. The world is too big, even for an elephant

17. Stuttgart Public Library

18. 1964 Olympics in Tokyo

19. Burger King's WiFi logo shows the layers of the hamburger

20. Minimalistic playing cards

21. Washing powder advertising: Italy or Ireland? Color is everything

22. Lonely tree

23. Minimalist beer can design

24. Dominos pizza box from the 60s

25. Desk calendar

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