Many snakes were found in the roof of a house in Australia (5 photos + 1 video)

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29 November 2023

This only happens in Australia! Residents of the Australian state of Queensland noticed a strange noise coming from the ceiling. Snake catchers found several “surprises” there.

A snake catcher from Queensland, Australia, made a shocking discovery in a residential building. Brandon Troy Gifford was initially called by the owners of a house in the Moreton Bay area - they heard a strange noise coming from the ceiling and wanted to find out its source. Gifford and his team explored the roof and found many brown boiga snakes (Boiga irregularis) there.

Snakes were found along the entire under-roof space: they were crawling and hiding in different places. In addition, the snake catcher discovered many snake skins, and even one skeleton. All the caught snakes were collected and released into the bushes, which are perfect for their habitat.

Brown boigas have a weak poison - they are not considered dangerous to an adult. Only if a boyga bites a small child will he have a reaction. No deaths from bites from these snakes have been recorded. The brown bogey is commonly found in the north, east and south of Australia, along the coast to Sydney. They can be found on rooftops or in barns, and outdoors in trees or on terraces.

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