Bugatti showed what the interior of the Bolide hypercar looks like (10 photos)

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27 November 2023

The Bugatti Bolide is built on the soon-to-be-retired Chiron platform. The car was produced in a limited edition of 40 copies with a price starting from 4 million euros, which makes it one of the most expensive new cars and all of them have already been sold out.

A steering wheel, unusual seats and an original interface were developed especially for Bolide.

The basis of the interior design concept was X-motifs. Visually, the interior of the hypercar should intersect with the design of the body, for example, with the configuration of the optics. The unusual racing prototype-style steering wheel is designed using simulation technologies borrowed from the video game industry. The location of the key switches on the helm is thought out taking into account the recommendations of the factory test pilots.

Bolide does not have a media system in its traditional sense. The hypercar has three ascetic displays, which are located behind the steering wheel and provide only technical information. There are two options for displaying dаta: for professional pilots and amateur racers.

The carbon seats are made up of several elements and are essentially integrated into the cockpit piece by piece. The side support and headrest elements are attached to the door panels and fold down with the door to make entry easier. Bugatti has provided four seat size options to suit buyers of different sizes, including one for owners with rare body features.

The interior of the track hypercar is equipped with a climate control system, while the ventilation ducts are made in the form of four pipes around the center console - this is a visual reference to the Bolide exhaust system.

The hypercar should be the last Bugatti model on the platform of the current Chiron, with which it shares architecture and powertrain. Bolide will receive a branded W16, while in the 2020 concept of the same name the 8-liter engine developed 1850 hp. s., then for serial modification it is derated to 1600 forces. The dynamic characteristics of the Bolide have not yet been announced, the estimated acceleration time of the concept to 100 km/h is 2.17 seconds, and the maximum speed is 500 km/h.

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