China introduced fines for unwashed dishes and unmade beds (2 photos)

27 November 2023

Fedorino grief in Sichuan style. The Chinese authorities decided to fight for the high culture of life and moral character of the villagers and began to punish citizens with yuan for unwashed dishes, unmade beds, also for squatting while eating and feces in the yard. How long!

Authorities in Puge County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, have taken drastic measures to instill cleanliness among local residents.

The new policy is called “High standards for rural areas in relation to human habitats”. It aims to improve living conditions and lists 14 categories of behavior for which fines are imposed.

A pigsty in a house, for example, will cost 10 yuan, another 5 will be charged for cobwebs, and 20 for squatting while eating. If the violation is repeated, the fines will double.

The Chinese believe that the authorities interfere excessively in people's private lives. But officials explain that the main purpose of the fines is to address hygiene problems in the province.

When you visit a farmer's home, conditions are often less than presentable. Everything around is dirty and messy: there are cobwebs in the rooms, people eat while sitting on the ground, and in the immediate vicinity there are many mosquitoes and dogs, the publication writes.

It is reported that the fines will be spent on changing the habits of society - for example, families fined for disorder will be bought brooms or basins for washing floors.

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