Interesting little things of life in China (20 photos)

17 May 2023

Last time we told about the curious little things of life in Italy. A now we offer to move from the "cradle of European culture" to Celestial. This is an amazing country where high technology and devotion to ancient traditions. So take your seats according to the tickets purchased, the next stop is China!

China has malls with areas where wives can leave their spouses while shopping

Old China collides with new

New bookstore in Chengdu, China

In some cities in China, special droppers with vitamins are hung on trees.

Surveillance cameras installed right on the beach

A robot serving snacks. He seems to be a little upset that the guest refused the treat.

Sky camping in the mountains of China

Traditional style bus stops

China Art School Entrance Exam

Bathing in seaweed is a common thing for Chinese people

The authorities annually try to deal with the invasion of algae. TO unfortunately so far unsuccessful. In an attempt to escape from the unbearable heat the Chinese are not averse to splashing in such water.

Rows of identical houses in China

Somewhere in Tibet

Serving food at Chinese KFC

China is famous for its fantastic architecture. For example, this Guangzhou Yuan is the tallest circular building in the world.

This masterpiece of architectural art was built back in 2013. It has a height of 138 meters.

For China, the panda is a national treasure. These amazing animals live only on the territory of this country.

It looks like a traditional Chinese dish - hot pot (hot pot)

In the center of the table on the electric stove are pans in which meat, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables and noodles are cooked at the same time.

Guilin is an urban area famous for its picturesque landscapes.

Bailong Elevator - the tallest external elevator in the world

It rises to a height of 330 meters. In 2002 it was opened to the public.

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