A familiar food that turned out to be much older than we thought (14 photos)

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20 November 2023

Most of the dishes from this selection are probably very familiar to you. Cheesecake, curry, hummus, tamales - these are stylish dishes that cost a lot of money. There are also your dear and favorite pancakes, stews and cutlets. And as it turned out, all the dishes listed turned out to be much older than we thought. They are thousands of years old! I hope there is no need to explain that your grandmother’s recipe is somewhat different from how it was prepared 5000 years ago. However, the first noodles began to be cooked in China 4000 years ago, and popcorn was cracked even earlier - 5600 years ago. This is so ancient that I can’t even believe it. So let's take a look at these old and familiar goodies.

Stew - about 8000 years old

The stew has not changed a bit in all the years of its existence. As before, meat, mushrooms and a variety of vegetables are added to it.

Cutlet - about 2000 years

Previously, cutlets were a favorite dish of Roman soldiers. They were served between two pieces of wholemeal bread. This is such a unique ancient burger!

Khir - about 2000 years old

An unusual dish, which is something like milk jelly. It was first prepared in India.

Curry - over 4000 years old

Scientists were able to determine the age of this amazing dish from stone mortars discovered in India, which were used to grind spices. They contained remnants of turmeric and ginger - the main components of curry.

Hummus - about 3500 years old

A popular snack made from chickpea puree. It is believed that the dish originated in ancient Egypt.

Popcorn - about 5600 years old

Corn has long been a staple food for humanity. It is not surprising that such a tasty delicacy as popcorn has become popular in many countries. The oldest remains of this dish were discovered in caves in Mexico. Scientists are confident that previously popcorn was used not only for food, but also for making jewelry.

Pot-pie or covered pie - about 3,700 years old

Today there are a huge number of closed pies - with meat, vegetables or combined fillings. However, they first began to be prepared more than 3,700 years ago in Mesopotamia (Middle East).

Noodles - about 4000 years old

The oldest noodles were discovered in China, near the Yellow River. It was sealed in a cup, which allowed it to be perfectly preserved.

Tamales are about 7,000 years old

Tamales are considered the food of the Mayans and Aztecs. It was the main delicacy of hunters, travelers and warriors. The dish somewhat vaguely reminds everyone of the well-known cabbage rolls. The filling consists of minced meat, chicken, cheeses, fruits or vegetables, which is necessarily wrapped in corn (less often banana) leaves. Prepared for steam.

Pancakes - about 5200 years old

Pancakes are an incredible ancient dish. It is almost impossible to accurately determine the time of their appearance. Scientists suggest that one of the first pancakes was eaten by the so-called ice man Ötzi, who lived more than 5,200 years ago. This is the world's oldest human mummy from the Chalcolithic era, which was recently found in the Alps. During the analysis, scientists learned that before his death, the ancient man ate pancakes with red meat. Their remains were found in his stomach.

Cheesecake - about 2000 years old

The Greeks created their cheesecake recipe more than 2,000 years ago by combining soft cheese with flour and honey. They believed that this dish gave energy, so they fed it to their athletes before the first Olympic Games.

Atole - about 10,000 years old

It is both a drink and a dish. Atole is prepared from maize grains, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, fruit and chocolate.It has a rich taste and satiety.

Ranginak - more than 3500 years old

The ancient ranginak pie contains raisins, garlic, apples, figs, cheese, syrup, wine and butter. Dates and nuts can also be added. The Assyrians (an ancient people who lived in the Middle East) loved him very much. The first mention of such an unusual dessert can be traced back to 1600 BC.

Krupuk - about 3000 years old

This is a simple Indonesian snack that is made from starch or flour with the addition of various protein components (usually shrimp or fish).

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20 November 2023
Ох ці десять тисяч років тому! Коли кожна людина мала доступ до кориці, ванілі, цукру та шоколаду. laughing
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