82-year-old American has been living in the forest for half a century, relying only on himself (8 photos + 1 video)

22 August 2023

Forest hermits still exist! For example, in the USA they found An 82-year-old man who has been living in the wilderness for 46 years. house he heats with firewood, and receives electricity with the help of a home-made water heater. wheels.

This amazing man's name is Al, just Al. Youtuber DiegoTriesHard releases documentary starring Al - that's how they found out about him.

In the film, Al shows and talks about his eco-house. For the first time, he launched a water wheel and began to generate his own electricity on December 13, 1996. And he liked it so much that since then, Al has been living in the forest on his plot of land, which he bought back in 1977.

Although Al started with a water wheel as his main source of energy, he has since bought three solar panels, which do most of the work.

46 years in seclusion and self-support

Basically it is solar energy. Water wheel - for dark winter nights, I use it for two or three hours, maybe.

Al's house from a bird's eye view

According to Al, his electricity consumption is very low. At breakfast, he usually turns on his laptop and listens to the radio, and then until six in the evening without gadgets. May again in the evening sit with a laptop and watch the news, turn on the lamp, use some other device that consumes electricity. For emergency In the barn, he has a generator, but he rarely uses it.

Water wheel

Al heats the house and the sauna with firewood - “there are a lot of them here and for them you don't have to pay." His house stands among cedars and other mighty trees.

I have 40 acres of fallen trees here. They fall faster How can I cut them down. I have a supply of wood for a lifetime. Therefore, there is no need to cut living trees.

El does not have to pay for water either: his land has natural spring that provides fresh drinking water. In one of the scenes In the movie, he shows Diego this spring and they both drink straight from it.

From the spring, water goes through one pipe to the house, the other - to sauna. There is no plumbing. Al built two outdoor toilets.

As for wild animals, for all the time of life in the forest of El I only once saw a female black bear from a distance. And so its main "neighbors" - beavers, minks, otters, kingfishers and great blue herons.

Such a secluded and autonomous life is not suitable for everyone, but Al she likes it very much. The only connection to the outside world he has Yes, this is a landline phone and a laptop. "I hate to even go to city once a week for groceries, it's hard for me. To the mailbox I get at most a couple of times a week, ”says Al.

At the end of the film, Diego asks Al what is the secret of his cheerfulness at this age, and he answers: life in the air.

Hiking and chopping wood help me stay in shape and I go outside in all weathers.

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