A cross between Jaguar E-Type and Land Rover put up for sale (11 photos)

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5 June 2023

An interesting lot was found on the eBay Internet site - homemade in the form of an off-road version of the 1960s Jaguar E-Type roadster. The owner is ready to give the car in good hands for only 19,750 pounds sterling.

Fortunately, none of the owners of the E-Type was willing to do vivisection with your precious machine, so what you see on these photographs are nothing more than a replica of the body of a British roadster, which was mounted on a Land Rover ladder frame with a 3.5-liter V8 with mechanical five-speed and all-wheel drive system. And shared vital components donor 1984 release to I have seen a lot at the moment of conversion, judging by the mileage of 200 thousand km from superfluous.

It's hard to say who might be interested in such a strange symbiosis. After all, as an SUV E-Type 4 × 4 Monster, despite inherited patency is frankly impractical, given cramped E-Type cockpit. Landing in the cabin is uncomfortable, fabric top, interior more than humble.

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