If the heroes of the game GTA: San Andreas were real people (16 photos)

15 November 2023

A netizen showed what the heroes of the game GTA: San Andreas could look like if they were real people. When creating images, he used the Stable Diffusion neural network.

Carl "CJ" Johnson

A player with the nickname Yakusho used a neural network to show what the characters in GTA: San Andreas would look like in real life. As blogger Denis Sexy IT wrote, this was possible thanks to Stable Diffussion and the img2img and Controlnet algorithms. In the pictures, the crude 3D models have acquired human characteristics, making them difficult to distinguish from real people. For example, the main character Carl Johnson.

If in the game almost all GTA heroes look at the audience with squinting eyes (costs of computer graphics), then the “live” heroes got rid of this trait. Melvin Harris has a calm expression on his face.

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris

Carl's sister Candy Johnson has turned into a beauty.

Candle Johnson

Shawn Johnson has acquired recognizable human traits.

Shawn "Sweet" Johnson

The neural network reproduced the tattoos of Cesar Vialpando and even drew them in more detail.

Caesar Vialpando

Catalina also turned into a real person.


The policeman also acquired characteristic facial features.

Frank Tenpenny

Ken Rosenberg

Mike Toreno

T-Bone Mendez


Wu Zi Mu

Jeffrey "OG" Cross

Jizzy B

Edward "Eddie" Pulaski

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