14 photos from restaurants and cafes that baffle visitors (15 photos)

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1 November 2023

When you just wanted to eat, but left the establishment with a lot of impressions. And not always positive! This post contains all the strangest and most unusual situations from cafes and restaurants.

1. They could have just served it in a plate.

2. Looks a little scary

3. In one of the Chinese restaurants there is a door to someone's apartment.

4. Spices in the shape of a bear cub

5. “They brought me the check in the safe.”

6. “I saw black toilet paper in the Netherlands.”

7. For some reason, the restaurant has a sink for 2 restrooms: one for men and one for women.

8. When leaving the restroom, there are 2 signs and pens: for those who washed their hands and for those who did not.

9. This establishment fines parents for their children’s bad behavior.

10. There are special balls in the sink, these are placed to prevent cockroaches from emerging from the pipes

11. Mexican restaurant in a former church building

12. Here you can eat in a bank vault

13. “I came across a wax figure of a samurai in a Japanese restroom.”

14. A way to deal with a leaking roof in a cafe

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