A sheep survives for two years on an isolated beach in Scotland (4 photos)

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1 November 2023

Scotland's loneliest sheep has been abandoned at the base of a Highland cliff for the past two years.

British Gillian Turner spotted the animal in 2021 during a kayaking trip. But recently the woman took the same trip again and noticed that the sheep was still there - stuck on a small stretch of beach surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs. Recently, drones were sent to inspect the animal.

When she first saw the sheep, Turner assumed it would be able to climb up the rocky slope where the animal had likely fallen. When the canoe club returned, she was horrified to see that the animal was still there.

“The poor sheep lived on its own for at least two years - for a herd animal this is something like torture. She desperately tried to make contact with us as we passed by, bleating, jumping on the stones. It's heartbreaking. After the hurricane this weekend, I'm worried about whether she survived. The first time her fur was normal length, but now the fur was huge and touched the ground from behind,” says Gillian Turner.

The woman contacted various services and the public to save the sheep, but so far nothing has worked.

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