Tiktoker grew a zombie cordyceps mushroom from the game The Last of Us on his blood and skin and ate it (5 photos + 1 video)

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16 October 2023

A video has gone viral online in which a TikToker shows a home-grown cordyceps mushroom. The video received more than 1.2 million views. To everyone who is not sleeping - bon appetit ((

TikTokers are apparently already a symptom.

One such player, having played The Last of Us, decided to bring the zombie apocalypse closer and grew something resembling a parasitic mushroom from the computer apocalypse toy in a jar at home.

If anyone is not aware, let us explain: according to the plot in the universe of The Last of Us, a cordyceps cerebral infection caused a pandemic and destroyed most of the Earth's population with the help of a zombie fungus that takes over the nervous system of people and turns people into monsters.

In the video, a weirdo in a fly agaric hat explains that:

This is cordyceps, a zombie mushroom, and I grew it on my own blood and skin.

He then takes the mushroom out of the jar and says it looks "like a strange mixture of rice, blood, leather and cordyceps."

After this, the blogger cuts the mushroom in half in search of a piece of his skin (no details). Finds it and puts it under a microscope to see what the skin has become after merging with the fungus. Microscopic images show a visible change after exposure to cordyceps.

In the video, the blogger showed what a regular piece of skin looks like, as well as skin after merging with cordyceps.

The blogger then tasted the mushroom, saying it was "weirdly sweet" and would "eat it again." The TikToker promised to continue experimenting with cordyceps in future videos.

After the publication, fans of the game The Last of Us flocked to the comments, many of whom began to reproach the author for “accelerating the onset of the zombie apocalypse.”

There were even more of those who would like to “unsee” what they saw, erasing it from their memory forever:

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16 October 2023
Он бы продолжил эксперименты, но почему-то залез на дерево и засох. 😆
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