A tiger quoll, which was considered extinct for 130 years, was caught in Australia (2 photos)

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4 October 2023

A South Australian man found a tiger quoll in his trap, thought to be extinct for 130 years. A man handed over a rare animal to wildlife services.

When farmer Pao Ling Tsai set traps, he hoped to catch the face or marten that had carried off his chickens. The find surprised him; it turned out that the man did not even know about the existence of such an animal.

I was expecting to see a wild cat, but instead I found this small animal. That was incredible. At first I had no idea who it was,” the farmer told reporters.

Pao Ling Tsai is confident that there are still many such predators around his territory, so he installed cameras on his property and decided to scatter trout to lure the rodents. It is noted that these animals, weighing only three kilograms, are in fact real fighters and attack cattle and even kangaroos.

They have not been heard of in South Australia since 1880 and are considered an endangered species in other areas.

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