Retro fashion: girls in swimsuits from the 40s (30 photos)

22 September 2023

The 1940s were a period of change and transformation in many aspects - including fashion. Women's clothing was actively changing, and especially swimsuits. Vintage swimsuits from that era reflected modesty, restraint, but at the same time a bold step towards change. Let's take a look at a small collection of retro photographs of girls in swimsuits straight out of the 40s.

Swimwear underwent a number of changes in the 1940s. More strict and modest models of the previous era smoothly transitioned into those that provided greater freedom of movement and comfort. Post-war More fabrics became available and designers began to get creative with creating swimsuits and choosing materials. The most popular was viscose knitwear - due to its elasticity and fit. Out of him They made tighter, more practical swimwear.

The real boom was caused by the two-piece swimsuit, which appeared in those years. By modern standards, these swimsuits were quite modest: high-rise swimming trunks or a short skirt that covers hips, as well as a wide bra - however, at that time they were innovative and bold. The appearance of such swimsuits was not only a tribute to fashion, but also a reflection of changes in society. Then women increasingly took part in various outdoor activities, more spent time on the beach and swam.

Let's take a look at what swimsuits of that era looked like:

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