The Italians demonstrated innovative technology for communication between vehicles (2 photos + 1 video)

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22 September 2023

Ducati and Lamborghini have developed technology for called Connected Rider and Driver, which is said to help drivers and passengers avoid accidents.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) over time have become more common in cars, but find a better way integration of such systems and motorcycle accounting is a mystery that Ducati and the larger CMC company want to decide.

To prevent collisions between vehicles and With motorcycles, quick response is key. In this video Ducati Multistrada and Lamborghini Urus demonstrate the communication system, including three important functions: intersection assistant, left turn assistant and overtaking warning.

To demonstrate the ride assist system on intersection, the scenario assumed that the Multistrada was approaching intersection where visibility was not entirely clear from other vantage points around the intersection. Typically, if the bike is hidden from view by obstacles (trees, other vehicles, buildings or just bad municipal planning), other vehicles may just don't see.

Depending on how careful or careless is the movement of other vehicles, the risk of an accident in such the situation is increasing. However, if both on a bicycle and in a car Electronic assistance function such as assistance system is included When driving at an intersection, the car's dashboard displays warning telling them the intersection is not clear. If the driver will see the warning, he will theoretically be more careful enter the intersection or perhaps even wait for the bike will pass safely.

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