russian invasion of Ukraine. Chronicle for August 27-28

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29 August 2023

In the early hours of February 24, 2022, Russia launched rocket attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct full-scale invasion. APU repulse the enemy

- Volunteers from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia fight as part of the International Battalion "Bolivar" on one of the front lines of the Ukrainian army.

- The Investigative Committee of Russia confirms the death of Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin in a plane crash in the Tver region.

Russian Authorities Say DNA Test Confirms Death of Wagner Boss Prigozhin.

- Army and police units in Niger cordon off the French embassy as the deadline for the ambassador's departure approaches.

Niger gave the French ambassador 48 hours to leave the country.

- A year ago, a secret sabotage squad carried out an operation worthy of a spy movie, blowing up the Nord Stream — 2" in the Baltic Sea.

Since then, investigation teams have been searching for the criminals. The leads they follow are very politically sensitive.

About a year ago, a secret group blew up these pipelines. Since then, the detectives investigating the perpetrators have followed a politically volatile trail.

The incident targeted the energy supply and was an unprecedented act of sabotage against Germany.

DER SPIEGEL's article on the sabotage against the Nord Stream pipeline An important incident is being discussed in the Baltic Sea that could change world politics.

DerSpiegel points out that the main suspect is reportedly Ukraine. However, there are also theories that the real perpetrators may have intended to deceive the detectives with a false flag operation.

- Russian military blogger Fighter Bomber claims Ukraine used Australian disposable cardboard SYPAQ UAVs over Kursk last night.

Such UAVs in the version of "kamikaze" can carry 4-5 kg of cargo.

The UAV is almost entirely made of wax-impregnated paper and rubber bands, which together make it virtually invisible to radar.

- WaPo columnist David Ignatius:

While the Biden administration is evaluating the possibility of continued hostilities next year, the Biden administration is considering several important new options for increasing support for Ukraine.

Washington more and more actively supports the proposal to supply rocket-based cluster munitions. This will help Ukraine hit deeper than artillery shells.

The United States is also actively working to create a Ukrainian "forces of the future" that could contain Russia.

“Part of this work will be the F-16s, which will begin to arrive in a few months. But US officials are working with allies on many other weapons and training systems as well. Ukraine and its supporters keep asking for ATACMS. However, the Pentagon continues to resist due to the fact that the United States does not have enough missiles.

U.S. officials believe that President Zelensky will increasingly fight in Russia and in occupied Crimea.

“Perhaps the best example in military history of a long, bloody struggle against a stronger power that ultimately ended in victory was the American Revolution. Along the way, there were many periods of demoralization, slander, complaints about insufficient foreign support, and sometimes despair. But the rebels remained on the battlefield, and the British eventually withdrew.

Ukraine has entered a season of discontent and mutual accusations from all sides because of a sluggish counter-offensive. But this war is far from over.

- President of Ukraine Zelensky wants to equate corruption with high treason during martial law.

He will introduce a bill next week.

- President of Ukraine Zelensky:

We are ready to fight untillgo, without losing people, to minimize losses, like Israel.

If the war goes to the territory of the Russian Federation, we will be left alone.

If we are on the administrative border with Crimea, I believe that it is possible to politically achieve the demilitarization of the Russian Federation on the territory of the peninsula.

Elections are possible if the US and the EU are ready to give us 5 billion.

I will not hold elections on credit and take money from weapons. Observers must be in the trenches if we want the elections to be legitimate.

- The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine officially confirms the liberation of the village of Robotino, Zaporozhye region.

It was also reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing in the direction of Novoprokopovka and Ocheretuvate, "despite the fierce resistance of the enemy."

- "Operation" Top Gun "

UAV-kamikaze hit the 126th coastal defense brigade of the Black Sea Fleet.

The photo shows one of the UAVs involved in the operation.

- Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR):

Russia has at least 585 missiles left. (excluding X-22)

Iskander: 270 units

Caliber: 140 units

X-101, X-555 and X-55: 100 units.

Dagger: 75 units

- Poland's defense spending since 2015 has increased by more than 3.5 times (up to almost 34 billion dollars a year), the number of the Polish Army has almost doubled (up to 175 thousand).

- Minister of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov:

Ukraine may start using the F-16 in the spring of 2024, by which time pilots, engineers and technicians will be trained and infrastructure prepared.

F-16s could be a 'game changer' at war.

«We must put an end to Russian dominance in the skies, outside the battlefield.

F-16 will become part of the air defense. We can strengthen our capabilities in the sky to protect the airspace, that is, our cities.

For us it would be a big breakthrough.

- Planet Labs high-resolution satellite imagery of the Russian Khotilovo air base in the Kursk region after the alleged Ukrainian kamikaze UAV attack on August 27.

There are no visible damages and traces of the UAV in the photographs.

- The Armed Forces of Ukraine approached the second line of defense of Russia in the Zaporozhye region.

Ours are advancing through the most difficult series of Russian defensive positions. They are already at the distance of the next blow to them. This is what Ukrainian and American sources say.

This line of defense of the Russians consists of dense minefields and fortifications, ditches and barriers of the "dragon's teeth" type. Positions may be weaker than the previous ones, they write in ISW. But they still constitute a significant challenge.

Let me remind you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already crossed the main first line of defense of Russia. And Podolyak said that the enemy army – on the verge of a final loss of executions. positions: ours are moving south and are approaching the taking under fire control of the "land corridor to the Crimea."

- Infographics: how did defense spending change over the years of Ukraine's independence?

Before the Russian invasion, defense was not given due attention. In the meantime, for 2024, the Ministry of Finance plans to lay down military spending no less than in the current one.

- And now let's look into the confusion with the defense lines of the Russian Federation in the Zaporozhye region.

Why do some say that the APU broke through the first line, while others deny it, OSINT analyst Def Mon explained:

Someone, speaking about the first line of defense of the Russians, means positions along the current front line, in this case there really is a breakthrough. Some perceive it as one of Surovikin's lines, hence the misunderstandings.

- Counterintelligence of the SBU attacked the airfield in Kursk with drones at night, - RBC-Ukraine.

16 kamikaze drones struck four Su-30s and one MiG-29. The radars of the S-300 complex and two Pantsirs were also hit.

- And here are the terrible consequences of the missile attack on the Poltava region on August 28.

The number of victims increased to 5, Yermak said.

- The war will end quickly and in one moment, – Podolyak.

“It won’t be easy, but it’s very naive to believe that Ukraine will have to return territories, reclaiming every kilometer with blood.”

- French President Macron:

French Ambassador to Stay in Niger Despite Pressure from Coup Leaders.

Macron said France is ready to support ECOWAS military action in Niger.

If we had not intervened militarily in Africa; Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso would not exist today with their known borders.

- Satellite image of the consequences of a Ukrainian strike on a Russian air defense base in Crimea.

The S-400 air defense system was destroyed.

- Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sobolev about PMC Wagner:

"Wagner" will cease to exist — terrorists will either be able to go into civilian life, or they will sign a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry.

This is an illegal armed formation.

In the state there should not be armed people who are not subordinate to the state. As a result, this led to an uprising. We were on the brink of civil war.

Only those who did not participate in the Prigogine rebellion will be able to sign the treaty.

- Germany offered Greece to transfer 100 Leopard 1A5 GR tanks to the German government with subsequent delivery to Ukraine.

In exchange, Greece will receive Leopard 1A5 tanks in Italy on a one-to-one basis, with a "repair" at the Rheinmetall plant, installing a thermal imager and armor.

All costs must be covered by the German government.

- U.S. presidential candidate from the Republican Party Vivek Ramaswami (Hindu) promised, if he is elected President of the United States, "to recognize the control of the Russian Federation over the occupied territories of Ukraine."

- Ukrainian unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) are planning to send to the front in the near future.

- The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that today US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper and RQ-4 Global Hawk UAVs were detected in the direction of the Russian border, conducting aerial reconnaissance "in the region of the Crimean Peninsula."

"To prevent a possible violation of the border and counteract the electronic intelligence, two Russian fighters were raised, as a result of which the US Air Force UAVs changed their flight direction and left the intelligence areas."

- Crimea – Ukraine. The official account of the Russian embassy in South Africa posted a map of the world, where Crimea belongs to Ukrainian territory.

We like such announcements

- Putin will announce a new mobilization in Russia at the end of September, - ZN with reference to the special services.

The Kremlin has already prepared a corresponding draft of the decree. It is also planned to offer Russians of mobilization age who are abroad to return to Russia.F within a week after the announcement of mobilization.

Apparently the production of Lada has reached a record volume

Is a big war brewing in Africa?

▪️After the coup d'état in Niger, the degree of tension in Africa only continues to grow, and relations with the "new government" are especially acute. collide with France. During the rallies in Niger, Russian flags were repeatedly noticed.

▪️The military junta in Niger issued an ultimatum to the French ambassador demanding to leave the country.

▪️In response, Macron said that France is ready to support ECOWAS military action in Niger if there is a military invasion. France itself operates 1,500 troops in Niger, and also in Chad, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire.

- Around the agents of the West, where should the Russians go?

- Moscow transport marketing

- Remove the sanctions, I am against the war, well, you think for a year on the most popular website of the Russians pushed propaganda with calls to go to war

- He arrived without hands, did not bring his father a fret, ungrateful bastard

- Well, a teacher with such a level of critical thinking does not deserve another. It remains to be seen what she taught there in 35 years.

- Doesn't burn for me, doesn't burn

- The topics "Democracy", "Civil Society", "International Law" were removed from the new version of the Unified State Exam in social studies; and added the theme «CBO»

- Russia threw the last reserves into battle after breaking through the front in Zaporozhye

The Russian General Staff is throwing the last available reserve units into battle to hold back the onslaught of the Ukrainian army in the Zaporozhye region, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces have broken through the first line of defense from fortifications and minefields.

According to Forbes, the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, the oldest of the active airborne units, was redeployed to the Zaporozhye front from the East of Ukraine, where it participated in the battles in the Kremennaya area.

76th Division — "one of the best" the Russian military has, and relatively "fresh," says Rob Lee, an analyst at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia. According to the military doctrine of Russia, it belongs to the category of "strategic reserves", which indicates the seriousness of the situation at the front, writes Forbes.

The Russian Generals Have No Choice: The Armed Forces of Ukraine Have Occupied Urozhaynoye, And After It — Rabotino, two villages in the Zaporozhye region on the way to the main goal — Melitopol, control over which will allow cutting the "land bridge" to Crimea.

Signs of the exhaustion of reserves in the Russian army appeared in early August, experts of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) wrote. This, according to ISW, is evidenced by the fact that the generals have to transfer forces along the front line instead of pulling up reserve units from the rear. This means that the Ukrainian offensive has led to "significant degradation" of Russian defense and the depletion of forces on the “critical sector of the front,” wrote ISW experts.

The Ukrainian army, however, also used one of the last available reserves, writes Forbes. In order to break through the defenses in Zaporozhye, the 82nd Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, numbering two thousand people, equipped with British Challenger tanks, as well as Marder and Stryker infantry fighting vehicles, was sent into battle.

- New toponyms in Moscow. Someone hacked OpenStreetMaps

- "Black Mirror", Russian version. Togetherabout the husband's wooden box.

- Ukrainian children play as a Russian drone hit a target near their home.

- 08.08 Pokrovsk, Donetsk region. A man rests in his apartment while outside the window rescuers eliminate the consequences of Russian shelling.

- Indeed, why

- Anxious

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