The very first computer games (4 photos)

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29 August 2023

Now it is difficult to imagine a world without games on PC, on consoles, on mobile phones. We all probably have at least one favorite. game, and not just one. We so rest, switch, and some games have already begun to resemble full-fledged films, the plot of which can be manage. There are games for children and adults.

In games, you can learn, unite, if the games are paired. US scientists began working on the first simulations in the 1940s, and already in 1952 Alexander Douglas developed a computer version "tic-tac-toe". They called it OXO and he introduced the game to Cambridge while defending his doctoral dissertation on interaction computer person.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tetris, by the way, is mistakenly called the first video game. He undoubtedly became a revolution in the field of video games, but the first games appeared long before him. There are two games that deservedly share the first place: spacewar! and Tennis for Two. The former is often referred to as the pioneer video games, but the second came out a few years before Spacewar!. spacewar! was more common, but Tennis for Two was an experiment, designed for the exhibition.

Tennis for two

It was developed by physicist William Higibotham in 1958 in just a few hours to show the game to the guests of the Brookhaven Lab, when there was an exhibition.

The game was designed for two and it was not just the first, but also the first multiplayer. The platform for her was oscilloscope. All that was on the screen was a short line representing a grid and a luminous ball, and the control was with the help of two controllers.

Higibotham did not take his brainchild seriously, even though on the obvious success of Tennis for Two and even decided not to apply for it patent. Well, after a while, the oscilloscope where the game was was given to others laboratory needs.


In 1962, a much cooler game came out. Designed by Steve Russell, Boston programmer. The essence of the game was in the battle of two space ships. Players control them using two gamepads, and released spacewar! on the PDP-1 computer. spacewar! and this computer were created in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Spaceships had limited ammunition and fuel, and the players themselves could run away from the shots and shoot themselves. spacewar! became the very first popular game, it was included in ten the most significant games in history, but here it did not bring Russell absolutely no material gain.

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