Range Rover turned into "armored car" (25 photos)

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28 June 2023

Hidden booking specialists from the Canadian firm Inkas presented a protected version of the new generation Range Rover SUV. The SUV is able to protect from shelling and grenade explosions, but outside this is not noticeable. Claimed to be the world's first booking experience current generation.

Canadians integrate protective panels into SUV body panels plates in such a way that they cover the gaps of doorways and other potential vulnerabilities. Regular glasses are changed to ballistic ones, and a composite partition appears between the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment. Factory tires are giving way to puncture resistant tires.

Inkas offers a variety of additional options. Can be equipped with armor and fire extinguishing system engine compartment, protect the gas tank, and embed an emergency hatch into the roof exit. In the cabin, you can install a speakerphone and a filtration system air, night vision camera and much more. In addition, Incas Suggests to replace standard bumpers with reinforced ones.

As a result, the Range Rover becomes able to withstand shelling from manual automatic weapons caliber 7.62 and simultaneous detonation under the bottom of two hand grenades.

Demonstrator Inkas built on the basis of the Range Rover P530 Autobiography with BMW's 4.4-liter turbo V8, but ready take on the alteration of any modification. The studio can also re-equip the interior, replacing the rear sofa with two especially comfortable armchairs.

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