Famous Sydney real estate: why other buildings are not being built around the Zammit house (4 photos)

17 June 2023

The family refuses to sell the house, and a whole neighborhood has already grown up around it.

The most famous property in Sydney, Australia is this is the home of the Zammit family. This family has owned a plot in 2 hectares and does not agree to sell it. The Zammit estate is compared to the Chinese phenomenon of "dingzihu" or "nail" houses. Their owners also do not want to leave their housing, staying in it to live in spite of everything: even if highways, houses or railways are being built around.

Once upon a time, the neighbors of the Zammits also had such large plots with unique houses and large farmland. However, all neighbors have long moved out and sold their land. Gradually, the area around was built up and turned into a huge residential area with many houses. From the height of the house Zammitov is somewhat reminiscent of Central Park in New York: a green oasis, around which rows of neat houses were built.

In April, Zammitov once again decided to convince to sell site by offering a record $33 million. This is far more than the cost of living in The Ponds, the suburb where the house is located. However, Zammits stand their ground, regularly refusing developers. money seems to be the owners are not particularly interested, they like their large territory. Although the owners say that it used to be much more beautiful here, because the houses in areas were unique and completely different, and around them were huge territory.

Only developers who have the earth is idle. Neighbors hope stubborn landlords will stand their ground and will not succumb to persuasion: they are glad that there is a huge lawn where children can safely play.

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