The Last of the Mohicans: A piece of land in Sydney that developers can't put their paw on (5 photos + 1 video)

23 May 2023

The Zammit family home is one of the most famous objects real estate in Sydney. As thanks to the fact that it stands out noticeably on against the background of typical houses surrounding it, and thanks to the extraordinary the resilience of its owners. They've been refusing to sell theirs for years. plot to developers, despite the fact that all former neighbors have long been done.

When viewed from above, the estate looks like a miniature a copy of Central Park in New York - a green oasis surrounded by neat rows of featureless gray houses. For developers, it's like a thorn in the eye, and they keep bombarding the Zammits with ever more generous offers. Useless.

This is the same story in which money is not everything.

Zammits live on this land in Ponds, a suburb of Sydney, for a long time, and earlier here all the neighbors had large plots. But after developers came and started to buy them out one by one, offering generous reward. The Zammits were the only ones who didn't agree.

Today they are offered 50 million Australian dollars ($33 million) for their 5-acre (approximately 200 acres) property. But also The family refused this offer. Owners decision site is explained by the fact that they do not plan to move anywhere in the near time. They are not affected by any pressure from developers, nor financial gain - Zammits stand firm on their own. Although they acknowledge that around is not as beautiful as before.

Here is what 50-year-old Diane Zammit, the hostess of the house, said:

Previously, it was agricultural land interspersed small houses and cottages made of red brick. Every house was unique and there was a lot of free space around. But now everything not this way. Not at all.

It is interesting that the neighbors of the Zammits from the houses of new development praise their resilience and rejoice that in their crowded area there are at least one green oasis. Here is what one of the neighbors said:

I'm very glad they refused to sell - more greenery next to us, fewer roads, and it's safer for our children. AND a large lawn next door creates a feeling of free space. Our neighbors do not understand this, because other houses are located very close to each other. And we are very grateful. I hope they are here will remain.

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