The secrets of the Beatles: inspiration from the resting souls or competent PR? (7 photos + 1 video)

2 May 2023

August 5, 1966 on the shelves of music stores Britain has a new single from the legendary Liverpool Four. Song Eleanor Rigby stayed at the top of the charts for a month. And then revealed mystical coincidences connecting this song with people who died before the birth of the Beatles.

Eleanor Rigby's song is a real hymn to lonely people. Dramatic bow introduction moves to a heartfelt story, tells of the unfortunate Eleanor Rigby, dying in the church. Buries the woman is the same lonely priest Father Mackenzie.

The musicians composed the text of the song collectively. Although Lennon insisted that the creation is almost entirely the child of McCartney. And he only helped him get an education.

When Paul told the story behind the creation of the song, he mentioned that the original heroine was a woman named Daisy Hawkins. But no name did not want to properly overlap the musical pattern. And Paul remembered Elinor Bron, with whom they worked on the film Help! A the character's surname came from a sign in Bristol shop. That is, the image is completely collective and completely fictional.

Coincidence or the work of the subconscious?

But later it turned out that he was not so fictional. More precisely, it actually existed. The point is that a woman named Eleanor Rigby did live in Liverpool. Born in 1895, worked dishwasher, was married to a man named Thomas and raised daughter. She died at the age of 44.

Cemetery of St. Peter's Church in Woolton

And a simple life story can be read on a tombstone cemetery, which is located next to St. Peter's Church in Woolton. AND it was there at one church holiday for the first time that they saw each other John and Paul. What is even more interesting, not far from the burial place of Elinor there is also the grave of a man named Mackenzie.

McCartney in his youth

Could Paul have seen this stove as a child, and the name imprinted somewhere in the subconscious? Could. Although the musician himself did not confirm this fact. But he did not particularly deny:

It was either a complete coincidence, or the name lived in subconscious. I've been among those graves, hanging out with John. But in Britain may have 3,000 Eleanor Rigby headstones! Maybe me saw and subconsciously remembered him ... As for the question of coincidences, there are probably deep reasons for them that our small brain can understand.

Whatever it was, but the song was born. And the grave of a woman which would have remained unknown, turned into a place of pilgrimage fans of the group. After all, when people get together, then they are no longer alone.

In 1982, a monument to Elinor was erected in Liverpool. Rigby, which has become a dedication to all lonely people. And in 2004, according to the version Rolling Stone magazine ranked the song number 137 on its Top 500 Songs list. of all time.

What is your favorite Beatle song?

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