Giants of steel: a selection of the largest cars on the planet (19 photos)

3 April 2023

Sometimes you look at some KamAZ and think what kind of healthy colossus. But in reality he's just a little toy, if you compare it with the "steel giants" from our selection. Scale this technique is really impressive. So let's take a look at "cars", which are the largest and heaviest on the planet.

NASA Tracked Transporter

The caterpillar conveyor weighs 2400 tons and consists of a platform on four carts, each of which is equipped with two tracks. This giant does not move quickly - only 3 km/ h (subject to no load). When loaded, the monster barely accelerates to 1.6 km/h

The machine is designed to transport assembled, but not refueled spacecraft to the launch complex.

One of the largest mining trucks in the world - Caterpillar 797

The car is actively used in the mining industry. Designed for transportation of coal, ores and other minerals. The weight of the baby is 623 tons.

BelAZ-75710 is a giant capable of easily transporting 450 tons of cargo

The global economic crisis prompted Belarusian designers to creating a machine that would help increase the profitability of mining mineral. To reduce the cost of shipping, it was necessary to build a dump truck with the maximum possible carrying capacity. So BelAZ was born.

This is what a dump truck looks like compared to a regular truck

The assembly of the giant is not conveyor, but guard, almost manual. It takes two or three months. The development of the machine took a record small deadlines. Only two years passed from the preliminary design to the exit from the workshop of the year. The weight of the machine is 840 tons.

The largest hydraulic excavator TEREX RH-400

The machine was created by an American engineering firm. Her weight is 1000 tons. Can work in any climatic conditions. Behind once the excavator bucket can scoop up 100 tons of cargo.

Mining dump truck Liebherr T-282B

In the cab of the machine, a display is installed instead of the traditional instrument panel. The weight of the handsome man is 252 tons.

Terex 33-19 Titan - previously considered the largest and most load-bearing vehicle in the world

The baby has a mass of 235 tons and a load capacity of 350 tons.

In its body you can load a lot of such cars

LeTourneau L-2350 is one of the heaviest wheel loaders

The weight of the machine is 262 tons. It has its own page in the Guinness Book of Records for its size and carrying capacity.

The D575A-3 Super Dozer is the world's largest and most powerful tracked tractor weighing 131 tons.

LR 13000 is the most powerful crane in the world with a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 tons

Big Masks - the world's largest walking excavator

The weight of the Big Mask is about 13 thousand tons.

The volume of its bucket is so large that 12 cars can easily fit there.

Excavator Bucyrus-Erie 1850-B, nicknamed Big Brutus, Used for coal mining

The machine was made in a single copy. Its weight is 5500 tons. Today it is in the museum of the city of West Mineral in Kansas.

And here is Big Brutus in full growth

Bagger 288 - considered the largest existing car in the world

This monster was built by a German company back in 1978.

Today it remains the largest excavator in the world and continues to work in one of the quarries in Germany.

Its weight is approximately 13.5 thousand tons, length - 240 meters, height - 96 meters, and width - 46 meters. The main feature of the machine is its rotor. Its height is equal to an eight-story building. The rotor is made up of 18 buckets of 6.6 cubic meters each. The wheel makes 48 revolutions per minute.

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