Crazy hands: 20 terrible, but very creative creations of human hands (21 photos)

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14 March 2023

Gol, as you know, is cunning for inventions. However, judging by this collection, people tend to show miracles of ingenuity not only in need, but also simply out of great boredom. The results, however, leave much to be desired...

1. "The wheel fell off the chair, and it could not be attached back, so I had to improvise with a can of Pringles, a bolt cutter and tape"

2. "I made a working column out of cinder block"

3. "Turned a tube TV into a cabinet-console. As if from the pages of a furniture catalog"

4. "Maximum cooling"

5. "Creative plumbing solutions from my spouse"

6. "No one will even notice"

7. "I couldn't afford a Bluetooth speaker so I made one myself and it was worth it"

8. "Junior engineer"

9. "The scissors broke, it was necessary to somehow extend their life"

10. "A branch fell on a friend's car and hit the side mirror"

11. "My 13-year-old son is ready for literally anything, just not to wash the dishes."

12. "Tower for a cat from two boxes and a stool"

13. "My homemade tattoo machine"

14. "I sealed the cracks in my broken taillight with colored hot glue."

15. "Nothing special, but I swear it made my daughter's day"

16. "Remote with headphones to watch TV without sound"

17. "I work in IT, one of the technicians sent me this. I'm a little jealous, I would never have thought of it."

18. "I wanted to watch a video on YouTube in the hall"

19. "I added spikes to my Crocs"

20. "Chandelier from the bottoms of plastic bottles"

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