Funny, weird and working engineering solutions from crazy hands (18 photos)

14 March 2023

There is no such breakdown or problem that could not be solved by a stormy imagination and crazy hands. This duo is capable of anything. Let's look at the creations of engineering geniuses that look strange and funny. But in fairness, it should be noted that they all work!

Made a working boombox out of cinder block

Original and comfortable at the same time

That's the cooling system!

One of the wheels on my chair fell off at the wrong time. However, the solution was quickly found!

well secured

No fork? No problem!

That moment when you really want a car

In the yard of my friend there is such a soap dish. He made it himself and is proud of it. Genius!

You probably haven't seen this before.

It always takes me a minimum of time to kindle a fire, because I carry a blower with me.

I do videography. Here is my camera mount to shoot from the car

Did the mirror fall off? There is a solution!

Convenience taken care of

Old, good and reliable fork!

Great bar!

Why do you need wipers if you have a sponge?

Made it to fame

Repaired restaurant door

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