Great Britain covered the snow storm "Larisa" (6 photos)

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14 March 2023

Spring is like a beautiful woman, with whims and changes moods. Mid-March on the calendar? Think what nonsense - get a blizzard and -15.

From March 9 in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales really winter weather. Frosts are pressing, falling asleep with snow, and on the roads are completely icy, and it's all about a storm with a beautiful name "Larisa".

The Met Office said the deepest snow depth recorded was 27cm in North Wales.

An official record of 14 cm was also recorded in the Western Yorkshire, but a Met office spokesman said they had heard of observations above this mark in Leeds and Sheffield.

Several fallen trees blocked the railroad between Manchester and Sheffield. Traffic was also disrupted at the pass in South Yorkshire.

A Network Rail worker at the train station at Grindleford in the Peak District.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill:

Combination heavy snowfall and storm wind is the reason that we, we will probably see snowstorms and snowstorms, which create additional danger on the roads


Many drivers ignored the storm warning and warning signs, as a result ended up in many kilometers traffic jams on the M62 in Greater Manchester. The situation was aggravated by the fact that drivers overtook slow moving vehicles only to to get stuck in a lane with fresh snow.

Well, as a bonus, residents of the southern part of England are warned about possible floods, as together with snow in some areas it and freezing rain. It is currently raining and snowing in Peterborough and surrounding areas have already caused an increase in the water level in the Nene River.

Flood warnings are in effect in several counties and cities in England, including Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Birmingham and adjacent areas of the East Midlands, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, North Norfolk, Suffolk, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Somerset.

This morning in Yorkshire, about 2,000 people were left without electricity. Well, in Northern Ireland 137 closed due to bad weather schools. Flights are delayed at airports due to bad weather. "Larisa" will rage until Monday.

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