Photographer captures epic falcon attack on pelican (8 photos)

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14 March 2023

A photographer from the USA filmed an epic scene - a fearless falcon attacked on a pelican that got too close to the nest. Got the same poor fellow!

These epic shots were taken by photographer Decker Nomura (Decker Nomura) on Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego, USA. He saw a pelican got too close to the peregrine (falcon) nesting site. Although the pelican did not want to cause harm, he still got it.

"When the pelican approached the nesting place of the peregrine falcons, the watchful parent falcon began to defend its nest - although the pelican did not was going to harm the nest or the chicks. I'm lucky to see this spectacle," said the photographer.

During certain periods of nesting in spring, falcons are "on duty" near their nests and attack when they feel threatened by their chicks. This pelican also got it. Although the peregrine falcon is much smaller, its it didn't matter when it came to his offspring and family - the fearless falcon was ready to defend them at any cost. Photographer made a few frames with birds, after which the pelican flew away. Nobody not hurt - perhaps only the pelican's self-image.

According to the USDA, peregrine falcons are one of the rarest nesting birds here. The number of peregrine falcons declined after the 1940s as a result of widespread use pesticides. They are now under federal protection under laws. These birds, by the way, live on all continents except Antarctica.

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