Ancient artifact that looks like a spaceship control panel (5 photos)

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22 January 2023

The world has always existed and there are things that look strange. But they look strange only to those who have nothing to do with them. the slightest relationship. For those who use them, they are quite common and even somewhat mundane.

Now imagine that modern man finds some ancient artifact of unknown purpose. What will he to do first? Of course, he will study his appearance and try compare it with something similar. Or rather, the human brain will immediately find some analogies in his hidden corners, and with items are quite modern. Naturally, sometimes it is serious mistake, because in this case a person begins to hit some conspiracy theories with all the consequences. Although, I admit, sometimes it's quite exciting. By the way, such examples so many. For example, the network still walks a photo quite a strange object, which, according to some sources, was found in Egypt.

The first information about him appeared in 1828, when he acquired the Dutch Museum, according to another version in 1830, when he bought it Museum of Sweden. Nevertheless, today this artifact is kept in the museum. antiquities in Leiden, in the Netherlands, and surprises visitors with its unusual look. The network about this subject flared up not comic disputes, and all due to the fact that this artifact is very similar to the panel control of some mechanism or starship. Made item from alabaster and outwardly looks like a disk. Its diameter is 49 cm, and in the height of the artifact is about 13 cm. At the same time, the object weighs 75 kg, which by the way very strange, although it is possible that there is some kind of error in the sources. This disc is interesting for its design. It is dotted with many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, there are several small depressions and holes. In general, all this is very similar to the control panel spaceship from some science fiction movie.

That is why disputes arise about its purpose. Some suggest that aliens had a hand in the manufacture, someone is trying to prove that a person saw an ancient starship and copied part of his insides, but there are those who attribute artifact magical properties. Moreover, most sources indicate to the fact that this artifact has not yet received explanations even from official scientists, they say they don’t know what it is such a wonderful device. And supposedly in the world there are no analogues to him. But how Turns out it was all conspiracy theories. Actually this an amazing item that looks like a starship control panel is an ordinary funeral or sacrificial table.

He was placed in the tomb. In the recesses on its surface poured water, oils, and sacrificial provisions were placed on the plane. And the inscriptions tell in detail what and where to pour and lay out. Not it is quite clear why, in the presence of inscriptions on the artifact, such a conspiracy component. And scientists most likely could not explain, but simply did not consider it necessary to do it, since there is nothing surprising in the find.

Sometimes we want to see something mysterious in ordinary things, because then life becomes more interesting, and we are distracted from the routine and negative thoughts. Maybe it's more correct?

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