Alpine football: an extreme sport that is played exclusively on the slopes (3 photos + 1 video)

12 January 2023

Even going uphill is difficult, but what about playing football?

In the Alps they ski, go hiking and conquer tops. However, do not rush to draw conclusions, it turns out that there is such a kind sports - alpine football. This is definitely one of the most extreme football.

Of course, international competitions in alpine football is not held, and it appeared quite recently - in 2014. Then the inhabitants of the Austrian Alps watched the World Cup and came to the conclusion that some matches were already very boring. Among a joke appeared among local TV viewers that playing in such conditions can everyone, but the players would try to run around the Alps. Well, then the Austrians decided to turn these words into reality and went to play slope football.

As we can see, the idea has taken root, Alpine football has their fans. There are not many flat areas in the Alps, and if there are is, then they are used for something more important than a football stadium. Therefore, enthusiasts decided to find a good slope and install a gate here, and for many years now they have been chasing a ball down the slope.

The rules of Alpine football are no different from the usual ones. However, there is a significant difference: to fight gravity, you need a large endurance, strong legs and a cohesive team, because the ball is here rolls down in just seconds.

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