Tasty: a selection of lemonades with extreme flavors (14 photos)

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10 December 2022

"My tastes are very specific...". Yes, I immediately remember good old meme from "50 shades of grey". But the perversions of this film pale in comparison to these lemonades. Their taste is teetering on the edge complete madness. But contrary to common sense, they exist and, judging by All in all, they sell well. Well, so ... maybe a glass of cool onion lemonade?

onion lemonade

It all started with the fact that the House Houses Group scientists decided that enough tears from them, and they brought out a new variety of onions "Smile Ball". Home it the trick is that it practically does not cause lacrimation when cutting. Yes And it tastes sweeter than regular onions. To popularize your invention, the company made an interesting marketing move by launching sale of Onionade onion lemonade.

In order not to scare potential consumers at all, we note that prepare a drink not from pure onions. In addition to the main ingredient in Ingredients include water, lemons and honey. Those who have tried Onionad note that it smells like an onion, God forbid, but the taste itself can be compared with an apple.

Lemonade with dandelion and burdock flavor

As soon as you read on the bottle of the drink what kind of taste it offers manufacturer, you immediately mentally reach out to shake hands with those who are invented. What a fantasy - dandelion and burdock! But suddenly it turns out that this is not an innovation and a non-trivial flight of thought creators, and an old English recipe (as early as 1265!), hand to to which Thomas Aquinas himself applied. But this is according to legend, and who really actually guessed to mix burdock and dandelions remains a mystery. The manufacturer claims that the lemonade has a mild, herbal taste, which, Actually, it's not surprising.

Bacon flavored soda

In general, the guys from Rocket Fizz are burning. What kind of flavors not in their range! Lemonade flavored with tacos, buffalo wings, pies, yes bacon in the end - it's easy! Probably these drinks with the taste of solid food were created for the laziest people in the world: I want to eat, but too lazy to chew? No problem - have some bacon!

Herb flavored lemonade

Another masterpiece from Rocket Fizz is grass-flavored soda. And this not the classic tarragon or the more exotic basil and company. It's the taste of the lawn. Ever tried? Not? Well, in that case you don't have to lie in the grass, brushing off snails and dog surprises in order to understand what kind of taste it is - Rocket Fizz is already everything was taken care of.

Butter Flavored Soda

We promise this is the last representative of Rocket Fizz in our review (yes, it’s hard to resist, because their lemonades are just amaze the imagination and I want to talk about everyone). So in front of you oil flavored lemonade.

Honestly, we can’t even imagine what it tastes like, but judging by the fact that that there is salt in the composition, the taste should be contrasting and quite unusual. Maybe something like salted caramel, but without caramel? Either way, this soda will pair perfectly with our next hero.

Lemonade with popcorn and caramel flavor

It is unlikely that popcorn-flavored lemonade is very different from the product, which was inspired, but the very fact that you no longer have to rustle and crunchy yummy, causes some confusion and questions like: “A Are you that good, Mr Popcorn Lemonade?"

Yogurt flavored soda

Carbonated yogurt... Sounds like a challenge!

Eel flavored drink

The Japanese manufacturer turned out to be head and shoulders above everyone else and brought eel soda to the world. Yes, real eel. Produce this a miracle drink from extracts of the head and bones of an unfortunate fish, as well as Supplement the whole thing with vitamins. That is, the taste of soda is identical regular fried salted eel, only with bubbles.

The idea, of course, may seem a little crazy, but if delve into the essence, then takes place. The fact is that many Japanese believe that eating eel improves stamina whenstreet infernal hell.

pink lemonade

Against the backdrop of extravagant tastes of soda, rose-flavored lemonade may seem simplistic. On the other hand, beauty lies in simplicity. And how can you call a drink banal if it contains aromatic rose oils, meaning you are literally drinking a rose. Level aesthetics - the maximum.

Blue cheese lemonade

For lovers of fragrant cheese, this is a new and very unusual facet. habitual taste (if I may say so about the varied taste blue cheese palette). However, according to those who have tried this type of soda, it's worth drinking a glass of blue potion.

Despite the excessive sweetness and candy aftertaste, lemonade harmoniously combines creamy cheese notes and the taste of the same mold, for which everything was started. On the other hand, the taster advises to drink this lemonade to those who do not like "moldy" cheese.

Lemonade with beef flavor

And not just with the taste of beef, but beef jerky, and this is not for you. then! But wait, regular classic beer is called liquid bread, and If you combine it with liquid meat, you get a liquid sandwich? Not bad!

Watermelon & Jalapeno Flavored Soda

It would seem, where are the watermelons, and where is the hot jalapeno pepper. But manufacturers decided that these two products are quite compatible with each other friend.

Turkey flavored soda with gravy

Another meat drink, but this time it's a traditional dish, served on Thanksgiving Day. What associations do you have thinking about having a turkey with sauce? For sure in thoughts of fatty meat broth arise in my head. Such an idea of such an unusual drink is understandable, but still it is lemonade, so this the drink combines both sweetness, and salty notes, and piquancy, but the most important thing is that you will clearly feel the taste of the dish itself. Some tasters note the taste of soda as "pleasant-disgusting), but when it is noted that it is not as disgusting as expected.

Lilac and gooseberry

If you are at least a little familiar in the Witcher universe, then one by one the name of the carbonated drink understood what it was about, in fact. And if the works spoke of the fragrance of the perfume of the most beautiful of sorceresses, then the producers of this soda went even further - they literally decided to taste Yennefer!

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