Propaganda that is brainwashed by russians in russia. Part 11

1 December 2022

A selection of videos that clearly shows how Russians are brainwashed with the help of television, after which they so fiercely begin to support the war in Ukraine.

Propaganda: Propaganda (lat. propaganda, literally - “extending expansion”, from lat. propago - “expanding”) - expansion of views, facts, arguments, often slightly, contrived information or obviously untrue information using the method of formation the required huge thoughts and manipulation of the suspense I'm reporting.

Rogozin trampoline near nightingale droppings

“I am truly deeply convinced that we will take Kiev, not liberate. We will liberate Donbass. We will take everything else, just like we took Vienna, Berlin, Budapest.”

And again Kyiv in three days, right?

Poor Europe is freezing, but stop

Be like Sasha, go kill Ukrainians to buy your son a bike

Russia has hit rock bottom and released a video motivating Russians to voluntarily go to war in Ukraine in order to “change their lives for the better.”

Well this is the final...

In Germany, a bank refused to open an account for a Russian woman

And what happened?

In Yakutia, ice was distributed to the families of those mobilized

Air distribution is next

Mr. President in Belarus, aka Mr. Lukashenko

The BBC had a funny interview with the Belarusian dictator. Lukashenko, as usual, “pokes”, screams, grumbles with anger and, in his usual manner, poses as a strong business executive

It dawned on Solovyov that the mobs were dressed like homeless people

The propagandist went to the front and became convinced that the second army of the world was not so indestructible. Mobiles attach pieces of plastic bottles to themselves instead of knee pads....

Why are you boiling?

A bunch of benches were brought to Moscow basements and underground parking lots. Apparently they are preparing for something...

Is Moscow preparing for nuclear war?

When I say that Kyiv is our goal, I am still being modest

Some clown from the Russian government said on French TV that Europe itself is to blame for the crisis because it helps Ukraine

We bomb every day. We are so soft, kind, trusting...

On Gebbels TV they continue to openly say that they are bombing the infrastructure of Ukraine.

They themselves invaded, they started the war, they themselves received lyuli, and now they are whining. On Gaebbels TV they continue to openly say that they are bombing the infrastructure of Ukraine.

They themselves invaded, they themselves started the war, they themselves received lyuli, and now they are whining

We, like martyrs, will go to heaven, and they will simply die

An episode from the life of a potential mental hospital patient

A non-blogger from Raska decided to experience cancel culture himself

Milokhin said that the Ukrainian language is a converted Russian:

“They just took the Russian language and changed it.”

An unkillable classic. From “Kyiv in three days” to “The Hague is waiting for even a janitor in the Kremlin”

No-name rapper Schokk escaped from criminal prosecution in Germany and told Sobchak in an interview

That, in his opinion, people in Bucha were either killed by “Azovites” or this was a “decree”.

It is necessary to destroy Ukraine to avoid The Hague

Skabeeva outlined the current concept of the Kremlin with utmost frankness.

“Therefore, in order to avoid the Hague Tribunals, the initiation of criminal cases, compensation, reparations, so that none of this would happen, we need such an intensification of military operations, so much pressure and pressure that they turn to us for a truce or the establishment of peace.”

This is already the agony of the inevitable

OSCE dombila Bombass

Lavrov again mixed up the pills and is talking utter nonsense

It turns out that the symbol Z was invented personally by Stalin

Historical information from propagandists

Selected krinzhatina from Evelina Bledans

The actress couldn’t come up with anything better than to hype up the “mambilization”

We continue our column “freezing Europe”

A school in the Altai Territory went remote because (attention!) it was frozen

The Koksha school has been trying for several years to get heating provided. In the classrooms, the frost is only 8 degrees, there is mold on the ceiling.

But of course, European residents experience pain and suffering

Propagandas on Russia TV continue to drown for genocide

Now they are proposing to make the Ukrainians leave the country themselves.

Propagandas no longer hide the goals of their king

The beaver still won’t stop and is scattering advice left and right. Ritochka, soon you will be laid off too, don’t worry, The Hague is waiting...

Putin proposes for the millionth time to evict people from slums

Are the slums resisting or what? God, what a liar...

Propaganda that is brainwashed by russians in russia. Part 11

If you don’t believe me, gentlemen, google the headlines.

Rusnya seems to have decided on its next goal

They shout that Ukraine wants to blow up the chemicals at the plant and blame Russia for everything. We know what this means, right?

Country of cannibals

They no longer hesitate to discuss torture of Ukrainian prisoners on air.

The raccoon stolen by the occupiers almost bit through Sosaldo’s finger

Keep it up, soldier

Ukraine, under any pretext, is trying to drag NATO troops into war

This is Kazakhstan, we live in Kazakhstan! And not in Russia!

An illustrative story about how the Russians were driven into a stall.

This is my land, it should be without Russians

I came down from the mountains and started pumping my license, but then quickly changed my shoes...

This is monstrous

You can always look at three things: how the fire burns, how the water flows and how the propagandists on Goebbels TV whine

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