Hum - the smallest town in the world (7 photos + 1 video)

22 November 2022

Have you seen what the smallest city in the world looks like? This is Hum a fortified city in Croatia, located on a hilltop. Origin the city is shrouded in secrets, but the first mention of it dates back to 1102 year.

The medieval town of Hum is in Croatian peninsula of Istria, on a hilltop and an altitude of approximately 349 meters, and in 2.5 hours drive from the capital of Croatia - Zagreb. It was erected on the ruins ancient Roman settlement somewhere in the 11th century - the first mention of it found in historical documents in 1102. Township population according to the 2019 census is 72 people.

In 1552, a watchtower and a bell were built here, which acted as part of the defense of the city. Later they moved here. guards with families. However, over the centuries the city did not develop. Today it consists of only two streets and three rows of medieval houses. Local people earn money mainly from agriculture and tourism. Yes, although the town is tiny, there are enough tourists here - after all, it listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest city in the world.

Residents always come up with something to organize tourists a warm welcome and brighten up their leisure time. Still, Huma has its own special romance and atmosphere - surrounded by a small stone fence, built in medieval times, this city keeps old traditions and history. Walking along one of the cobbled streets, you can take a little dip into history and admire medieval architecture.

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