A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 152

Thanks to photographs that were taken in the 19th and 20th centuries, we have the opportunity to plunge into history and see how people lived and what they did.

"Beautiful Flower Girl" Paris, 1968.

The girl literally has a Hollywood smile, like something out of a movie. The flowers were packed in paper in an environmentally friendly way.

An Italian officer rides a sleigh in Sestriere, Italian Alps, 1934

Well, why not go for a ride, especially during official hours.

Assembly of the left arm of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, 1882

One of the workers apparently did not follow safety precautions.

Sinking Italian Navy airship, 1915

A heartfelt conversation over a cup of coffee in the port of Santorini. Greece, 1954

A very atmospheric and beautiful photograph that makes you want to paint a picture or join in with a cup of coffee.

At the bus stop. Bucharest, 1973

The contrast that the photographer caught is surprising: 2 girls and 2 grandmothers nearby, nothing lasts forever.

A peasant woman rides a bicycle with buckets of milk on the yoke. Netherlands, 1946

It’s interesting how she starts moving on a bicycle with such a design, and even more interesting how she finishes this movement.

The blown up Chain Bridge of Budapest and the frozen Danube, January 15, 1945

At the time of its opening, the chain bridge was the largest bridge of its type in the world; it was destroyed during the war and rebuilt in the 1960s.

Driving a bear in the village of Podmoklje Velike, 1950

In Polish villages there was a tradition of walking with a bear, not a real one, of course, one of the villagers dressed up as one. He drove a clubfooted gypsy - also not real.

French restaurant, 1907

The restaurant building above the water is openwork. Very beautiful and stylish.

Demonstration of swimsuits. Paris, 1949

Road cleaner. Prague, 1920

A girl walks with penguins at London Zoo in 1937

Judging by how beautifully the girl is dressed, she is clearly not from a poor family.

Woman with a plant. Vienna, 1954

Changing of the Guard. Norway, 1915

Mobile pigeon post service, Germany, 1915

During World War I, the military decided to use an old-fashioned but reliable method: pigeon mail. As a result, the ability of pigeons to return home, covering vast distances, saved the lives of many soldiers.

Dutch child learning to skate, 1933

A pillow was tied to his back to cushion his fall.

Mother and son pose for a portrait. Ireland, 1890

Unfortunately, it was not possible to find the age of these people.

Dutch halibuts. Amsterdam, 1913

In nature, there are halibuts that reach a length of 4.7 meters and a weight of up to 400 kilograms.

Jumping into the Seine from the Jena Bridge, Paris, 1945

Times when you could still swim in the river. By the 1960s, the river was so polluted that even fish could not be found in it and the locals nicknamed it “Dead”. Only in the early 2000s was it possible to partially clean the Seine.

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