A dachshund who could have died, but the girl still emerged as an abandoned baby (5 photos)

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9 January 2018

Puppy Maximka appeared in the home shelter for animals of Olesya Kulyk from Zaporozhye quite a long time ago. Then he didn’t even have time to open his eyes, but he already turned out to be unnecessary to anyone.

Olesya understood that it would not be easy to leave the baby, but there was simply no other choice.

Maximka is a dachshund puppy. Why he was alone is unknown. Probably the owners simply threw away the weak baby. Olesya had to feed the dog from a bottle for hours at a time.

She was forced to take Maksimka with her on trips, because he could not be left alone.

Day after day the puppy grew up and became more and more independent.

“He grew up either crooked or pot-bellied. Many people wrote that we were doing something wrong. We didn't listen to anyone except our veterinarians. And we got the result!”

– recalls Olesya.

Soon Maksimka received his first vaccinations. Olesya began to think about looking for a new owner for the puppy. But the girl wanted to be 100 percent sure that the baby would end up in really good hands.

At some point, Olesya realized that she simply could not part with this baby.

“And then it happened. One morning I woke up and realized that Maksimka had found a home,” the girl shared.

Despite the fact that a huge number of animals live in the zoo defender’s house, a special place was found for Maksimka. After all, this is the only way Olesya can be sure that the puppy is safe.

“He’s obnoxious and golden at the same time. He gets boring sometimes, but you miss him a lot. After all, he is my son, and I cannot live without him. There's just no way. That’s why Maksimka is home, loved and in good hands!” – said Olesya.

Well, it looks like Maximka is really lucky with her owner!

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