The greatest human creations

28 October 2010

Let's start with the Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60 conveyor bridge for work in quarries and mines. This masterpiece of engineering is so large that it surpasses the size of the Eiffel Tower, so beloved by the French.

The well-known Komatsu trucks can rightfully be considered one of the largest vehicles in the world. They, along with BELAZ dump trucks, are used in mining areas.

Bagger 288 is another “tool” for open-pit mining. A quarry bulldozer is circled in yellow for comparison.

The world's largest floating crane

Built in China. This is the Hua Tian Long floating crane manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co Ltd (ZPMC).

The maximum lifting capacity of this huge crane is 4000 tons.

The world's largest truck crane

Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1.

The most powerful telescopic crane in the world. The world's longest telescopic boom. Automatic extension of the boom (8 sections) to the required length and fastening with clamps. Set of additional grill extensions. Speed-sensitive active steering. Disc brakes.

Technical dаta:

Max. load capacity - 1,200 t at 2.5 m reach.

Telescopic boom - 18.3 m - 100 m.

Lattice boom extension - 24 m - 126 m.

Diesel engine chassis (8 cylinders) from Liebherr with a turbocharger, power 500 kW.

Crane diesel engine (6 cylinders) from Liebherr with a turbocharger, power 240 kW.

Drive/steering - 18 x 8 x 18.

Travel speed is 75 km/h.

Weight in transport position - 96 tons.

The total weight of the counterweight is 202 tons.

World's largest marine diesel engine

Wartsila - Sulzer RTA96-C series.

The cylinder diameter of this marine engine is 960 mm, the piston stroke is 2.5 meters!

The working volume of ONE cylinder is 1820 liters

Engine dimensions: length - 26.7 meters, height - 13.2 meters

The power of this monster reaches 108 thousand 920 horsepower

The working volume of this marine diesel engine is 25 thousand 480 liters

Liter diesel power is unusually low - approximately 4.3 "horses" per liter

The 14-cylinder Wartsila - Sulzer 14RTA96-C (this is the full name of the marine diesel engine) weighs 2300 tons dry (without oil and other technical fluids)

The weight of the crankshaft was 300 tons

Rotary excavator ERSHRD-5000 produced by NKMZ on a walking rail. Kazakhstan, Ekibastuz. Bogatyr section. Currently cut for scrap.

Such a sea vessel has a fairly narrow specialization. It is designed for moving oversized, extremely heavy cargo, such as sections of offshore platforms and oil installations, submarines, cranes, ships, berths, etc. Moreover, it provides loading and unloading independently, without additional cranes. This is a FLO/FLO (Float-on/Float-off) type vessel. What does it mean? When it is necessary to load some heavy cargo onto this transport vessel, first, through 16 kingstons, the ballast tanks are filled with sea water and the vessel is immersed to a depth of up to 26 meters. This takes about 12 hours, and during this time up to 77,000 tons of water are poured into the tanks. After stabilizing the sea vessel, loading begins.

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