Papa Eagle sat on a stone for 2 months (3 photos)

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6 July 2024

This funny story took place in one of the wild bird sanctuaries in the USA. The eagle, Murphy, is a local celebrity. He willingly lets people approach him and loves to pose for photographers.

Murphy hatches a stone

And just like that, Murphy disappeared. The reserve workers became worried and went to look for the bird. But we didn't have to go far. Murphy did not fly away, he made a nest and began to hatch... And here the question arises - what? After all, there is no female!

When Murphy flew off to get food, one of the workers climbed into the nest and saw a small round stone. Murphy, obeying his instincts, began to hatch a stone instead of an egg.

And here we need to make a small digression. In the wild, bald eagles split parenting duties. So a man hatching eggs is normal :).

Murphy hatched the stone for about two months. Of course, to no avail. And then this happened. A newly hatched, wounded eaglet was found in one of the neighboring nature reserves. Perhaps he fell out of the nest or was thrown out by his parents. This is not uncommon in nature.

Found eaglet

The reserve staff contacted each other and agreed that they would hand over the eaglet and try to place the chick in Murphy's nest.

And then one day Murphy flew away to hunt, and when he returned, he saw a chick in the nest. In the first minutes, Murphy was not himself. And then... he became the most caring dad in the world.

Murphy and son

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