A woman tried to swim across a river with piranhas to tell the “truth” about Elon Musk (2 photos + 1 video)

21 June 2024

Paraguayan police have contacted the Costa Rican consulate and plan to send the victim home.

Tamara Espinoza Aguero, 28, from Paraguay, tried to swim across a piranha-infested river to “spread the truth” about Elon Musk. A woman believes that an American billionaire is the new Messiah.

Customs officials forbade Aguero from entering Argentina due to lack of a visa, so she had only one way to get abroad: to swim across the Parana River, overflowing with carnivorous piranhas. The woman set out on a 40-mile swim from Bella Vista on Tuesday, June 11, but was quickly swept downstream.

Unfortunately, it was not the American tycoon who came to save the victim, but the local coast guard. In the video released, Tamara Espinosa can be seen screaming while waiting for a rescue boat.

Agero later told reporters that she had a divine mission to tell the whole world about the Mask.

"Elon Musk is Jesus Christ. He has no boundaries," she said.

Paraguayan police confirmed they have contacted the Costa Rican consulate and plan to send the woman home.

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