A medium from the UK explained her craving for bar-hopping (4 photos)

21 June 2024

A psychic medium from Plymouth, England, claims that she is asked - or forced - by the souls of the dead to drink in several bars every night and talk to strangers. They tell her which haunted place to go to and to whom to convey an important message from the other world.

31-year-old Zera Fleming admits that her evenings are subject to otherworldly forces - namely, she hears the voices of dead people. They push her to bar hop (“bar hopping”), persuading her to finish her drink and move on to the next establishment. For what? This way she can see more of their loved ones and convey as many messages as possible from beyond the grave.

According to Zera, she constantly has to make excuses to her friends for unexpectedly changing the meeting place. We agreed to meet in one bar, but for some reason she ends up in another! I have to say that she just changed her mind. But in fact, all this time she has been working as a postman for supernatural forces.

If you're wondering how she became a medium, the explanation is simple. Her strange abilities manifested themselves about five years ago after the death of her mother and father.

Zera says that ghosts are very talkative and can be very persistent. It is very difficult to “turn them off” and it is easier to do what they ask than to refuse.

“If I tried to ignore them, the voice said the same thing or became louder and more insistent. When I went to the bar that that voice directed me to, I always met someone and realized that I had something to tell them,” she explains.

“When I approached strangers, the reaction was mixed. Sometimes they were shocked, sometimes they were just scared (not all messages are pleasant), but in most cases the reaction was very positive.”

According to Zera, her dad and mom, who passed away in 2019 and 2022 respectively, also had psychic abilities. She first heard a call from the other world two weeks after her father's death. He ordered her to lock the door so that no one would break into the house, and also helped her avoid a car accident by ordering her to brake in time.

Zera says that communicating with the spirits of the dead does not seem so scary to her, but admits that sometimes they “overwhelm” her.

Being a medium is not an easy and responsible task, she believes. Fortunately, most of her friends are very supportive, and thanks to friendly word of mouth, she even has clients who want to communicate with deceased relatives.

“I feel very privileged that I have this gift and can help people. You can believe it or not. But don’t judge until you try it yourself.”

So if a girl comes up to you in a bar and gives you a message from a deceased relative, and then drinks and moves on, it’s not her of her own free will, it’s the spirits from the other world that forced her.

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