Warning sign: the image of the Virgin Mary from the 1500s is covered with “bloody” tears (3 photos)

21 June 2024

The image of the Virgin Mary in Morelia (Mexico) suddenly began to flow myrrh, becoming covered in “bloody” tears. The frightened owners of the statue turned to Catholic priests to find out the probable reason why this was happening.

The mysterious image of Our Lady of Guadalupe became covered with “bloody” tears in early June. The exact location of this statue has not yet been disclosed, likely to protect the family who found it from robbers.

According to legend, Our Lady of Guadalupe had five visions that she told peasant Juan Diego and his uncle Juan Bernardino in the 1500s.

Believers believe that this is an “alarming divine sign,” but do not understand what exactly it indicates.

“It is necessary to be extremely careful in such a delicate issue as the manifestation of a miracle. We will do everything for a deep and exhaustive investigation. It is too early to express a final position,” the Archdiocese of Morelia said in an official statement.

Church ministers also plan to approve a special commission that will study this case in detail.

“As soon as a corresponding report or conclusion appears, it will be made public. For now, treat what you see with prudence and take this moment for family prayer,” the archdiocese noted.

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