Thanks to an iPhone, a woman found out about her husband’s infidelity: he sued Apple (3 photos)

21 June 2024

The businessman claims that one of the functions of the smartphone became the reason for his divorce from his beloved wife.

A UK businessman is suing Apple after divorcing his wife, who found deleted messages he sent to sex workers on another device.

The person involved in this story said that in recent years he had used the services of prostitutes, communicating with them using the iMessage application on his iPhone. When the spicy dialogue ended, the man deleted all messages. However, as it turned out, the chats were saved in parallel on the family iMac computer.

"If they tell you that a message has been deleted, then you count on it. This was a painful way for my wife to find out about the affair. If I could talk to her without emotion, perhaps the marriage could be saved. After all, we are a family , children. In my opinion, it’s all Apple’s fault. The messages should have been deleted, but this did not happen. You should warn: “The message was deleted on this device,” or better yet, “These messages were deleted only on this device,” he said. in an interview.

The Briton filed a lawsuit against the company for more than 5 million pounds sterling - that’s how much money he lost due to the divorce.

Simon Walton of London law firm Rosenblatt, who is representing the businessman, told the Telegraph that Apple had not explained to users what happens to the messages they send and receive.

"In many cases, the iPhone informs the user that the message has been deleted, but, as we have seen, this is not true and is misleading to subscribers, since conversations are saved on other devices connected to it. For some reason, Apple does not tell its users," he said.

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