New Apple presentation: what was shown at the premiere (7 photos)

13 June 2024

Tonight they showed a new operating system from Apple, and also announced several releases of the future. We saw iOS18, as well as visionOS 2, watchOS 11, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, a set of updates for gadgets, and even our own artificial intelligence. P.S. Users joke that 14 years after the presentation, a calculator has finally appeared on the iPad.


— Customization of widgets and icons: place them anywhere, just like on Android.

— Updated iMessage: reactions to messages, the ability to edit text, send reactions and delay. In short, like in a cart.

— New gallery: a bunch of filters, recommendations and just a new look.

watchOS 11

— Vitals application: monitors all indicators and monitors the dynamics of health changes.

— Real-time translator: listens to the interlocutor, and then translates.

iPadOS 18

— iOS 18 design will come to iPads.

- CALCULATOR!!! And not easy: with Pencil you can draw examples - it will solve everything.

macOS Sequoia

— Broadcast from iPhone. To poke a hamster with a mouse, for example. The phone does not unlock at this time and lies quietly.

— A separate application for storing all passwords.

Apple Intelligence (AI)

— Replies to messages for you (optional), collects large text concisely, hides unnecessary notifications, creates pictures. Integration with ChatGPT is a plus.

— With AI, Siri, for example, will find a photo based on its description and process it. Or he will say: “Sir, your plane is in 4 hours, but there are traffic jams, so move out.” She will also answer the question “when is mom coming?”, based on correspondence.

— Cuts people out (pictured).

— Initially, Intelligence will only be available on iPhone 15 and older + on Mac with M1 and beyond.

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