In France, they released stamps with baguettes that smell like fresh bread (4 photos)

17 June 2024

A scent that will definitely be associated with France.

Recently, the country's national postal service, La Poste, issued a stamp featuring this bread. However, the peculiarity of this brand is not only in the design, but also in the smell that it emits: as soon as you rub it, a pleasant bready aroma appears.

The aroma brand was released on the day of remembrance of Saint Honorat of Amiens, who is considered the patron saint of bakers. To bring their idea to life, La Poste hired a local artist to create a simple drawing.

On a white background there is a picture of bread tied with a ribbon bow in the colors of the French tricolor. There was also room for the inscription “La baguette, de pain française,” which translates very simply: “Baguette, French bread.” The cost of the stamp is about two euros; 600 thousand were issued. The aroma is provided by microcapsules that are sewn into the stamp: you need to rub the pattern and crush them.

The unusual stamp is an attempt to awaken interest in mail and letters. In today's digital age, we have begun to forget how to write letters and that it is very romantic. Of course, collectors especially liked the new product.

By the way, this is not the only fragrance brand from the French. The Postal Service has previously issued stamps featuring classic French dishes, as well as designs and scents of chocolate, lavender and strawberry.

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