Children's small-scale replicas of Mercedes-Benz SL and Porsche 911 with internal combustion engines put up for auction (12 photos)

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17 June 2024

Small-scale replicas of the Mercedes-Benz SL and Porsche 911 were intended to introduce teenagers to driving real cars.

No longer pedal toys, but without the sporty taste of junior karting, the products of the Polish company Alpha in the 1990s were popular among those parents who could fork out for a dream toy for any child.

Since the late 80s, Alpha has manufactured about 2 thousand single-seat children's cars in the Junior category, powered by small-volume gasoline engines. Of additional value was the fact that the cars were officially licensed by the automakers themselves.

Replicas of the Mercedes-Benz SL in the R129 body and the classic Porsche 911 were particularly successful. The SL was equipped with a 127 cc engine from a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower, and the 911 was equipped with an 83 cc Honda G100 engine. cm, which was installed not only on lawn mowers, but also on generators and other industrial equipment.

The gearbox with shift lever and clutch pedal had two speeds for forward movement and one for reverse. The gas tank and battery were located in the engine compartment: in the back of the Mercedes and in the front of the Porsche. The headlights and dimensions were shining, pneumatic tires and spring suspension provided a soft ride - just like in adults.

Despite their dwarf size, mini-roadsters easily accelerated to 40 km/h, so their design wisely included a travel limiter.

Children's cars were not cheap, as evidenced by the well-preserved copies now up for auction on eBay, the price of which is about 10-11 thousand euros.

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