The girl caused a row in the store after refusing to return the goods (7 photos + 1 video)

13 June 2024

Representatives of the “snowflake” generation are the same in all countries - they are pampered, childish, do not tolerate “pressure” and do not recognize authorities. And everyone is owed to them simply by the fact of their existence. Let's see how it might look from the outside.

A video filmed in a London mobile phone store has gone viral on TikTok. The girl demanded that the seller take the phone she bought 3 months ago and return the money. The refusal made her very angry.

Like a fury, she began throwing goods off the shelves and screaming at the seller (including using racial insults). Eyewitnesses crowded near the entrance to the store, watching in shock what was happening.

A dissatisfied customer trashed the store because she was refused a refund for the phone she purchased there three months ago. The phone was new when she bought it, but now she "needs money to buy something" so she wants it back.

The salesman tells her, “You’re making yourself look like an idiot.”

But she says, “I don’t care—you should have just given me my damn money.”

She then threatens to spit in the store worker's face while asking him where her bag is.

And he says that he will “come back to this cell phone store every day.”

The orgy did not last long: three police officers arrived at the scene.

They handcuffed the violent visitor (by the way, it turned out that she was only 19 years old) and took her out of the store. However, the girl was not arrested because the victim (the seller) stated that he did not want to testify or press any charges.

However, police said they would speak with store employees again after seeing the video containing racist comments and threats.

The video was posted on TikTok, and social media users reacted with horror to the video.

One person commented: "I'm speechless."

Another said: “She needs to be forced to pick everything up and put it back.”

Others simply asked, “How was the seller able to remain so calm?”

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