The phenomenon of the mysterious forest of Transylvania Hoya Baciu (10 photos)

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13 June 2024

The Hoia Baciu forest, located in Romania, is known for its eerie legends. This mystical thicket has captivated the imagination of people for centuries.

It is said to be associated with strange incidents and supernatural occurrences, making it an interesting destination for lovers of the paranormal and thrill-seekers.

Looks harmless

Many researchers claim to have witnessed ghosts, strange lights, and even lost track of time. These strange stories have given rise to the belief that the Hoya Baciu forest is a gateway to another realm, inhabited by ghosts and otherworldly creatures.

City of Cluj-Napoca

The forest itself is located west of the city of Cluj-Napoca. Despite the proximity to the city, some areas may be impassable. Its area is about 3 square kilometers. The area around is built up and absorbed by civilization, but some areas of the forest still remain untouched.

In addition to the mysterious past, there is also real history. Nearby is one of the oldest Neolithic settlements discovered in Romania. Scientists estimate that it was used around 6,500 BC.

Famous Legends of the Forest

One of the most intriguing stories associated with the Hoya Baciu forest is the story of a shepherd. According to local legends, one day a guy entered the forest with his flock of sheep and mysteriously disappeared. The shepherd and his sheep were never seen again, and their fate remains a mystery to this day.

The story of the shepherd has captured the imagination of tourists who come to the forest in search of answers and to experience the disturbing atmosphere first-hand.

Something strange came into the frame

Another legend associated with the Hoya Baciu forest is UFO sightings. It has become a popular destination for alien enthusiasts due to numerous reports of close encounters with them.

These alleged encounters with unidentified flying objects added further intrigue to the forest's reputation. Visitors interested in paranormal or extraterrestrial phenomena often come to Hoya Bacha in the hope of meeting the little green men in person.

The same "saucer"

The stories and legends associated with these sightings further enhance the appeal of the mystical place, attracting both believers and skeptics. It all started with a UFO sighting in 1968, when a military technician named Emil Barnea photographed a saucer-shaped object above the forest. This photo, along with numerous other reports of strange lights and unexplained phenomena, has led some to dub Hoya Bacha the "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania."

But the worst thing is hidden in the depths of the forest. Here is the “Clearing” - one of the most fascinating places. Legends claim that not a single tree or plant can grow in this area. And it remains a dead land where nothing living can survive.


But, apparently, the spell is not eternal and tends to dissipate. Because relatively recent visitors claim that instead of a complete absence of vegetation, there is quite a dense, lush green meadow, buried in flowers. However, it is claimed that this is where the previously mentioned UFO landed.

Red lights are another paranormal phenomenon associated with the forest. Many claim to have seen them. But, again, these are statements without evidence.

But some trees look strange

According to local residents, the most popular legend involves a girl who got lost in the forest at the age of 5. Many people searched for her, but to no avail. However, five years later, the same girl appeared, completely healthy, well-fed and clean, in the same clothes, but without the memory of the past time.

Some legends claim that the missing one returned with a darker skin color. This story is the most common. There are practically no references in the media and official sources indicating sources that can confirm the accuracy of the information.

Local residents use this place for its intended purpose - for walking, rest and relaxation. However, they do not confirm, but also do not deny the possibility of the existence of all kinds of devilry in the thicket. After all, in the end, if people want to believe in miracles and come here for adventure, while helping to boost the economy of the area, why convince them otherwise?

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