Rescue story: how a shabby goner turned out to be a fluffy and friendly dog ​​(17 photos)

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13 June 2024

The story of a dog named Bobby is a touching and inspiring story about the work of volunteers from the animal protection organization Furry Luck Bali Ev in Bali. In principle, you don’t even need to tell anything - just look at the “before” and “after” photographs of the animal, and you will understand everything.

Zookeeper Reto and his colleagues from Furry Luck Bali Ev saved another life in Bali. Bobby was found on the street and apparently suffered for a long time. At first, the dog was very afraid of people and would bite if someone tried to touch him.

However, thanks to love and care, he gradually recovered and turned into a cheerful and loving dog. The stories of dogs like Bobby are an example of the invaluable help animal protection organizations can provide to homeless animals.

This is Bobby, an affectionate and playful dog. He had a difficult past. And now he is looking for a family (and will definitely find it!)

When Bobby was found on the street, he looked like a bag of peeling skin and bones.

Reto talked about how he managed to gain the trust of this exhausted dog, given his initial fear and aggression:

“Bobby was very focused on food and we took advantage of that. In the beginning, we always gave food by hand, and after a while he took it, so we were able to gradually gain trust. Sometimes we would just sit for half an hour and do nothing, and he could decide for himself whether he would come over and want to sniff.”

The dog was terribly neglected: his fur was peeling off, he was swarming with parasites

The dog suffered from mange, a fungal infection, blood parasites and anemia. He needed a course of treatment for all these diseases, which lasted a month

It took Bobby 3 weeks to gain the rescuers' trust, 2 months to grow his fur, and the rest is history.

Now he is a completely different dog: he is very loving, friendly and very happy

“It’s very important to us that he goes to a good family that will take care of him and spend time with him,” says Reto. — He needs a lot of care, because he now has very long and thick fur. We are looking for the perfect family for him, who will give him a lot of attention, and a home where he will have a garden in which he can play.”

“Bobby gets along well in a pack, loves to play with other dogs, and when there are too many of them, he withdraws. He is one of those who is least likely to get into a fight."

This dog will definitely find a family worthy of his eternal love

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