Robot sets record for solving Rubik's cube

29 May 2024

A Japanese robot has set a new world record for solving a Rubik's cube. He spent only 0.305 seconds. Impressive result!

A Mitsubishi Electric robot, which usually works with wires in the motors of various appliances, solved a Rubik's puzzle with incredible speed and set a new Guinness World Record in the process. New Atlas writes about this.

The robot took 0.305 seconds to solve the cube. This is 0.075 seconds faster than the previous record holder, an MIT robot that set its record in 2018. By comparison, blinking your eyes takes between 100 and 400 milliseconds.

The development of Mitsubishi Electric to test the fast and precise synchronized movements of TOKUI (TOKUFASTbot) broke the record with its rotation mechanism. It can turn 90 degrees in 0.9 milliseconds. This speed is ensured by Mitsubishi Electric's signal-sensitive servo motors and a patented artificial color recognition algorithm.

Unlike humanoid robots, the TOKUFAST robot does not have a sleek humanoid body. He doesn't need it. As Yuji Yoshimura, senior general manager of Mitsubishi Electric's component engineering center, explained, his "day job" is improving the production of motors for appliances such as air conditioners and fans.

“Since the establishment of our component engineering center in 2016, we have been developing and manufacturing high-tech motors, power semiconductors and related products,” Yoshimura said. “To demonstrate our technical capabilities in creating high-speed and high-precision windings, our young engineers volunteered to set a world record, resulting in it being listed in the Guinness Book of Records.”

29 May 2024
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Я мабуть не зможу так.
30 May 2024
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Я був би чемпіоном з найдовшої збірки кубика, мені його подарували, забув уже в якому році, так я його досі не зібрав, вийшла лише одна сторона.
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