Asian women now stick pegs in their noses (6 photos)

27 May 2024

To become conventionally more beautiful using home remedies. No, it’s not like “break my ears”, but more elegant.

But, nevertheless, it looks like handicraft plastic. However, we will never be able to keep up with Chinese and Korean women when it comes to deception in appearance.

And a little thing to get this beauty out of your nose

Pegs in the nose in the name of beauty

In South Korea, China and Japan, kits called “European nose” or Nose Lifter are actively sold. They are needed for those who do not (yet) have money for plastic surgery. Because they no longer like their appearance.

The set consists of a series of pegs and spacers that must be inserted into the nostrils to change the contour of the nose from the inside. Because Asian women often have flatter, flattened noses. And small noses with sharp tips are considered cute (like in dramas, have you ever seen an ordinary Asian girl there?!).

Japanese version with hooks

The nose is forcibly stretched (essentially it is a “bone in the nose”). The set contains pins of several sizes at once - from 2 to 3 centimeters, so as not to tear your nose if a large pin does not fit right away.

But any nose can be trained not to feel pain from such tearing from the inside.

The pegs are still being bought up by girls with uneven, hooked, and sideways noses. Thousands of problems - one solution! Isn't this a miracle?!

Look how happy and enlightened she is

Is it dangerous?

Surely. Largely because such pegs are used by women with a borderline state of self-hatred. Therefore, they often ignore unpleasant sensations.

And in Taipei, a 25-year-old nearly lost her nose when pegs from the inside pierced her nasal membrane. She endured it all day, because bacteria got into the wound and a wild local infection began.

Doctors say that the pegs can be accidentally inhaled inside, and then they will block the airways.

Advertising on social media networks are very attractive due to their visibility, there is an effect, I won’t hide it

And in China, a girl managed to accidentally swallow these partitions, but there they came out naturally, although the girl was frightened and called an ambulance.

This is a much more dangerous thing than the belly button cover that Asians went crazy for last year. And even than a sticker on the eye to simulate a second eyelid, as well as tape on the face to tighten the contour. Yes, yes, all this is very actively used in Asia.

A set of false belly buttons for Asian women - the wife and man of my heart! I will never forget!

So Asians are the ones who invented Photoshop in real life. It’s just that cosmetics and contouring are a thing of the past for them – last century and children’s toys!

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